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Fab Fleurs

24 - Feb - 2012

Fab Fleurs for unique arrangements for weddings, funerals, parties etc. contact Caroline. We offer a delivery service throughout County Louth and Newry.


The Dominican Church Newry, Co. Down

Vibrant Wedding Flowers for Denise, who carried a mix of exotic orange nutans, lime roses, shamrock blooms and magenta gerbera, with a decorative beaded wire frame and grass trails.

The main theme of the wedding were magenta gerbera, which the bridesmaids carried. Each bouquet was finished with trailing beargrass with beads, to add a little movement to the bouquet. Gerberas are very popular and ideal for a young bridal couple.

The Magenta Gerbera Theme continued in the Tablecntre in The four Seasons Hotel, Carlingford.

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